July 07, 2010

Blogger's bugs

Yes, I don't know about you, but Blogger gives me a hard time once again since two days. José António's answered to the "Morris 1100" post, I validated his message, but it didn't appear. A few hours later the same message was on my "Moderate" page, I validated it, but it still didn't appear. Then a few hours later it was back again on the "Moderate" page, I didn't validate it, and it disappeared all by itself. The funny thing is that my "Edit posts" page indicates that the "Morris 1100" post has 3 answers by now. Even stranger is the fact that though a "0 messages" (sic) stubbornly appear down this page, if I click on "Post a comment" I sometimes can read both José António's message and my own answer to him... Nonetheless if everything seems to work for you, please let me know as the problem could then come from my browser.

I hope this is just a temporary problem, as it's really getting harder to post here... :(

Edit: Problem is now solved, as mysteriously as I appeared though. As soon as I added this post, everything returned to normal and all missing messages reappeared on the Morris 1100 page. Blogger really has strange ways...


JDMike's Diecast Site said...

yes, a lot of bugs indeed! my post on my comment page was lost yesterday and i have to make the same comment again. hope everythings ok now.

lorenzo721 said...

Thanks a lot Mike! Bad when you lose one of your comments, terrible when that's one of your readers'! ;)

Actually, after I wrote this post I noticed there's still a minor problem: on my "Edit posts" page, there are still 3 comments indicated for the Morris 1100 post, while actually there are only 2 right now. Obviously, that's really a minor bug, but that indicates that unfortunately Blogger is not yet running smoothly.