August 24, 2010

Peugeot 302

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A little history

Suddenly, the rest of Peugeot’s range (the “-01” models) looked comparatively old-fashioned when its modern 402 was introduced in 1935. The public and the press having well received this bold design, the French manufacturer decided to progressively apply the same typical “Fuseau Sochaux” style to all its new models. Thus, as early as in 1936, the 302 entered the scene.

Peugeot’s intention was to challenge Citroën’s new Traction Avant with its 302, which replaced the 301 as the company’s middle range offer. It led a gallant fight but ultimately lost: despite its audacious look, the 302 was a rather conventional car while its rival, though more restrained on the outside, was an advanced front-wheel-drive automobile promising perfect handling and superior comfort. As a consequence, the 302 retired after only two years. It was replaced by the 402 Légère, a crossbreed mixing the 402’s engine and front end with the 302’s chassis and passenger compartment, while simultaneously the smaller 202 was introduced as a popular car. With an output up from 43 to 60 bhp for a relatively unchanged weight, the 402 Légère was the GTI of its time. Indeed, the 302 also served Peugeot’s publicity needs by entering major sportscar events, as a roadster prepared by Darl’Mat – but we already discussed about this one.

War brought the progressive halt of all Peugeot’s passenger cars production. Heavily bombed by Allied air raids, the Sochaux factory had to be rebuilt and reequipped in 1945. Unsurprisingly, the company management preferred to concentrate on commercial vehicles and popular cars, which were then much more in demand, and dropped both the 302 and 402 from its post-war range.

About the model

Model: Peugeot 302
Year: 1937
Maker: Norev
Scale: 1/43
Distributed by: Hachette as no.46 of its Collection Peugeot press series
Acquired: brand new, in December 2007, in Souillac, France

The 302 is my favourite among Peugeot’s “-02” models, as in my opinion it is the one enjoying the better balanced design. Happily Norev did a good job in reproducing this model, though its rendition of the front grille (crucial in order to let the enclosed headlights appear) could have been better. My rating is 13/20.





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