February 23, 2011

No, this blog is not inactive...

...though I can actually look as it is. Last year, during the same season, I had a few months-long lapse, but this year has nothing to do with it.

First of all, while checking one by one all of the previous posts in order to correct the links within the text due to the problems I already mentioned, I noticed that, unlike what I stated earlier, probably 30 to 35% of the answers you had posted on this blog are gone forever. Obviously, this is just a rough estimate, and the exact figure could even be higher. The disappointment this caused me made me stay away from writing anything for the whole of December, but I had plans to resume in January. Alas, during the Christmas season my internet connection just let me down. After shopping for a new company, and waiting long enough to see its employees finally coming home to set my new line, here I am, back on the net since yesterday. My priority now is to answer piles of e-mails which have accumulated in my mailbox over close to two months, and to calm down flocks of friends and relatives who didn't receive their traditional greetings this year but, once this is done, I promise that I'll return with more models and their history, and perhaps even a few surprises.

Before closing this post, allow me to renew with an old tradition by welcoming our two latest followers, ACARtier and Enzo. Enjoy your stay here! ;)


Restidiecast said...

Hello Laurent. How are you doin? Youve been gone for a pretty long time. Glad youre connected again. Best Regards!!!

lorenzo721 said...

Regards to you Resti. Yes, everything's fine for me; I hope the same is true for you!