May 23, 2015

Automobile catalogue - Some news, and a first glance at it!

Only some finishing touches remain, then World in Motion 1939 will be complete.

The work on the last coachbuilders, which I mentioned here last week, is finished. I added four pages of information regarding Australian automobiles, which represented quite a lively industry, even years before Holden launched the very first national model on the market. Today I have a few things to write about Canada, then Latin America. Various corrections will follow and then, finally, my work will be over, almost nine months after I started. As the book virtually has its final shape, I uphold my previous estimation of about 300 pages.

Tentative date for the publication - first half of June, as a reminder - again remains unchanged as everything follows its course perfectly.

And as a bonus, you can have a look at the cover:

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