May 09, 2015

Automobile catalogue - soon to be released

It has been an extremely long time since I last wrote in this blog - as for the motives, I already expressed them at length.

The excuse for this new post, which ends such an extended period of silence, is for an announcement. Not having posted here for years does not mean that I have been away from model cars collecting or, more generally, that my interest in vintage automobiles has waned.

Some of you may have visited my other blog Automobiles of the World, equally abandoned for the very same reasons, in which I had started to list automobiles in a brand-per-brand, year-per-year format. Based on a similar concept, I am glad to announce the imminent publication of World in Motion 1939, which details the world automobile production during the said year, country by country, from the mainstream manufacturers to the lesser known brands and prototypes that have emerged during that time.

This work will be available as an ebook. Tentative date for its release is the first half of June 2015. Further information will be provided as this date draws close.

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