March 17, 2009

One leap forward...

After much thinking, mostly revolving about the necessary investment in already too scarce available time, I now join millions of bloggers to share one of my many passions: model cars collecting. It's actually quite a new hobby for me, as I just bought my very first model in March 2003, though I've always been interested in cars since childhood - vintage cars above all. My collection grew steadily for several years until early 2008, when the lack of space and scarcity of available funds went, in succeeding order, slowing down the pace. The total count is, as of now, somewhere above 2,000 pieces.

Some of you might ask, "what kind of models do you collect?" The answer is "any"! Some fellow collectors might want to concentrate on one particular make of automobiles, or one model, or one era, etc. As of me I've never been able to make a choice, as the following posts will progressively prove...

I hope you'll like this page and - who knows? - will be tempted to start a collection of your own, if you aren't already into the hobby.


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