September 07, 2009

Hong Qi HQ3

Something a tad more original now with this Hong Qi. The complex Chinese nomenclature didn’t helped me much here in researching a few information: the model is sold as a H6430, though the real thing appears to be widely called a HQ3, despite the fact that I also saw it described as a CA7300N and CA7430N.

A little history

Among the state-owned First Automotive Works (FAW), Hong Qi specializes in building quality automobiles which cater to the needs of the party officials. For decades, these have been driven around in this baroque limousine called the CA770. This venerable automobile, which had been launched during the late Fifties, is now retired, but the demand from the small elite remains, so Hong Qi embarked on constructing a brand new saloon, the 3.0- or 4.3-litre HQ3. Unveiled in November 2006 after much expectation, the Chinese automobile industry’s present flagship is closely related to the Toyota Crown Majesta. Actually, upper-range Toyotas aimed at the Chinese market are built, as far as I know, in the same new Tianjin factory as the HQ3.

About the model

Model: Hong Qi HQ3
Year: c.2006
Maker: unknown, please let me know if you have any clue
Scale: 1/43
Distributed by: unknown, possibly through dealerships
Acquired: brand new, in February 2007, in Hong Kong, S.A.R.

To make things even better I don’t know who built this die-cast, but the job is excellent. The model is heavy, well detailed and perfectly assembled. The bonnet can be opened, revealing an engine that is, once again, brilliantly reproduced. My rating is 16/20.



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