September 13, 2009

Isuzu BX

A little history

The first new bus offered by Isuzu after the end of World War Two appeared in January 1948 as the 5-ton, 50-seater BX91. A BX141 followed (possibly in 1956 or 1957, I only have scarce information), then a BX341 in 1959. The latter was very well received and became a familiar sight on Japanese roads during the Sixties, but nonetheless Isuzu soon abandoned the “bonnet” series to concentrate on cab-over commercial vehicles.

About the model

Model: Isuzu BX341
Year: c.1959
Maker: Tomy
Scale: 1/100
Distributed by: Tomica Limited
Acquired: brand new, in August 2005, in Manila, Philippines

Presented as an “Isuzu Bonnet” by Tomica, this seems to be a BX341 but I may be wrong. The scale is somewhat unusual, but I couldn’t resist getting this little model when I saw it. Detailing is fine for such a tiny die-cast and the paint job is well done. My rating is 14/20.





Jovet's Garage said...

You're right, the scale is really unusual...unusual for your collection! lol!

Anyway, the detail of this piece is great for its size. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward for more unusual scales in your collection. =)

lorenzo721 said...

:lol: Yes, I made the same remark to myself after adding this post - the scale is certainly more unusual for me than for Tomica. Thanks for your comments!