September 29, 2009

Nissan Micra

A little history

The March, also called Micra on export markets, is Nissan’s offer for a popular car since late 1982. A remarkable performance for a Japanese car, it has been renewed only twice since its initial introduction, in 1992 and 2002 – will its fourth generation appear in 2012 is anybody’s guess.

(This car’s history will be expanded in due time, please be patient.)

About the model

Model: Nissan Micra C+C
Year: c.2005
Maker: Norev
Scale: 1/43
Distributed by: not known for sure, either Norev or a Japanese press series
Acquired: new with neither box nor stand (probably a production overrun or quality control reject), in December 2006, in Hong Kong, S.A.R.

An excellent model of the Micra C+C, a retractable top version designed and built in England. Norev made itself the specialist of functional retractable roofs in 1/43 scale, and though switching from one position to another is a little touchy, the effect is spectacular. My rating is 15/20.







JB said...

A good job by Norev


lorenzo721 said...

Very clever at any rate! Norev indeed did a good job.