June 28, 2009

An announcement: pictures update

I’ve finished uploading a large quantity of new pictures, then taking notes of the links to each of them in order not to have to look for those later. I now have the necessary material for many more posts, but first of all, I wanted to update the pictures from a few old articles. Here is the detail of the changes made:

- Chrysler 160 / 180 / 2 litres (C-Car): dark and somewhat blurred, the two old pictures have been replaced.

- Citroën CX: to the lone picture of the long-wheelbase version has been added two more shots. Those of the standard version have been replaced by four new ones.

- Peugeot J7 and J9: as promised when first published, the pictures presenting the J9 police van were only temporary, and gave way to brand-new shots. At the same time, I replaced those of the other police van in this post, the J7.

- Vauxhall Viva: the poor-quality pictures of the Viva Brabham have been replaced by new ones, possibly better, but only slightly and with which I’m still not satisfied.

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