June 22, 2009

Volkswagen Fox

Nothing new on this blog since a few days... Actually I’ve spent a great deal of time taking pictures, in order to include them in future posts or to replace those already showing but of lesser quality.

A little history

Though their name is new to European motorists, Volkswagen Foxes have been around for quite a long time across the Atlantic. The current version has been unveiled in 2004 by the Brazilian branch of the German company. The latter saw in it the potential of a low-cost city car for the European market. The Fox was therefore introduced at the Leipzig motor show in 2005, replacing the Lupo – interestingly, “lupo” is the Spanish translation for “fox”.

A rather conventional car in a segment where low price, not innovation, is praised above any other quality, the Fox is built on the Polo platform, and powered by 1.2- and 1.4-litre engines when sold on the European market, though a 1.6-litre four is available in South America.

About the model

Model: Volkswagen Fox 1.4
Year: c.2005
Maker: Schuco
Scale: 1/43
Distributed by: Schuco
Acquired: brand new, in January 2007, in Hong Kong, S.A.R.

Carefully reproduced model – nothing really fancy about it, but good enough for the price. Let’s give 13/20 to it.




Gaucho Man said...

hi Amigo, I have this same model and I love it (not the real car, but the model is almost perfect). the windshield whippers are extremely fine, as well as the internal details such as the mirror.

lorenzo721 said...

Thank you for bringing my attention to this old post. I realize now that I was probably in a terrible mood when I wrote it to give such a poor rating. I too like the details on this model (though I forgot about the mirror, to say the truth).