April 10, 2009

Oldsmobile 88

A little history

The combination of a powerful overhead valve, over-square V8 with a relatively light and modern-looking body had made the Oldsmobile 88’s first generation an instant winner in 1949. The second generation, which appeared for model year 1954, followed the same recipe, and enjoyed the same success.

(This car’s history will be expanded in due time, please be patient.)

About the model

Model: Oldsmobile Super 88
Year: 1955
Maker: Welly
Scale: 1/26
Distributed by: Welly, "1:26 Collection"
Acquired: brand new, in August 2005, in Manila, Philippines

The first product from Welly I ever saw was a rather ordinary-looking toy. Just a few years have passed and this company already has an interesting range of good die-casts in 1:18, and a growing line of budget 1:25 models. This Oldsmobile belongs to the latter, though the necessity of fitting the model in a standard size of box had driven Welly into choosing a rather odd 1:26 scale. While many American cars of the time wore flashy two-, three- or even four-tone paint jobs, Welly opted for something slightly less ostentatious - solid black. Some might be annoyed by this choice, but I personally like it, as I guess whole shelves of pink convertibles aren’t necessarily representative of Fifties motoring. As most (all?) of Welly’s models in that scale the front wheels are fixed, so don’t try operating the steering wheel. Worse, the doors cannot be opened. Apart from this detail the model can be asserted as correct, though never very subtle. My rating is 11/20.



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